Die Hard Scotties, P.O. Box 65, Hampton, KY 42047

Welcome to DieHardScotties.com

AKC Scottish Terrier Puppies West Kentucky

Welcome to DieHardScotties.com

Champion and Grand Champion Bloodlines

This is our Scottie “Parents” and “Puppies” Blog published on their behalf by Mike & Pat Warner, owners of Die Hard Scotties. Public comments may be made on our facebook page. We love the Scottish Terrier breed. Our Scotties are family. Scottish Terriers have personalities that are very human like. At times you think they are reading your mind and at others it seems, by the way they’re looking at you, they are trying to communicate telepathically. They will stand on their hind legs to inspect puppies of each others litters as if they are “somebody.” Once you have owned a Scottie you will never again want to own “just a dog!”

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